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园区信息 开放时间:9:00-17:00
Visit the park
[Notice for free booking] (Please read the following instructions carefully)

一、Free ticket object:
1 、Children under 1.2m (not included) (must be accompanied by an adult who buys tickets, and one adult who buys tickets is limited to one free child. Children who exceed the quota shall buy tickets according to children's ticket price)。
2 、Seniors over 65 (not applicable at night)。
3 、Active members of the military holding valid documents (including soldiers' cards and officer's cards), presenting valid original documents when entering the park can enjoy free admission。
4 、Residents of Foshan City。
Specific provisions are as follows:
(1)Applicable objects: residents of Foshan (including Shunde District, Chancheng District, Nanhai District, Gaoming District and Sanshui District)。
(2)Special regulations: National statutory holidays and consecutive holidays (New Year's Day, Chinese New Year, Qingming, May Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day and other festivals), large-scale festivals, tickets free admission to the park must be made online in advance, while stocks last. No free tickets at night。
(3)Ways to obtain free tickets: Reserve free admission qualifications through online or on-site appointments, and enter the park with a valid Foshan area household registration resident ID card check in the free open day. Heyuan will determine the number of free tickets for admission on the day according to the capacity of the park。

二、Flow control:
In consideration of operational safety issues, Heyuan will determine the number of visitors based on the capacity of the park on that day, and implement restrictions on the number of visitors to the park, which will cause inconvenience to the public. Please forgive me.

三、The final interpretation right of the above ticket purchase notice belongs to Heyuan Cultural Development Center, Beibei Town, Shunde District。

四、For more details, follow the official website of Lingnan Heyuan「www.he-yuan.org」Or call「0757-22666999」advisory。

Ticket purchase notice

1/Non-compliance visitors need to buy tickets to enter the park。
2/Tickets can be purchased by filling in the relevant information through the ticketing system. Individual users are limited to 10 tickets per order. More than 10 tickets must be placed separately.。
3/Obtain the QR code of the ticket after the purchase is successful.。
4/Refund function: In the case of unused tickets, you can apply for a refund on this platform before 16:00 pm on the day of the appointment. If the time limit is exceeded, no refund can be made.。
5/Half-price ticket discount object: Half-price ticket discount at age 60 to 65 years old, free tickets (confirmed with ID card) for children over 65 years old; half-price ticket discount for children aged 1.2 to 1.5 meters, free tickets for children under 1.2 meters Concessions (accompanied by an adult), half-price tickets must be purchased at the scene。

Guided Tour Guide Service Instructions

In order to better let visitors understand Heyuan, know Heyuan, we will provide the following explanation services:
1 /Travel clubs need to book a scenic tour at least one day in advance and specify the approximate time of arrival;
2 /Units and individual guests need to hire an interpreter to explain separately. The fee for the explanation is: Chinese and Cantonese tour guides, 100 yuan per hour; English-speaking tour guides, 300 yuan per hour, and every 30 minutes is charged as 150 yuan.。

Stage reservation

Eventup、team building activities、Performance cooperation
contact us 0757-26600131/ heyuan@infore.com

交通指南 地址与地图 和园周边地图

标记图标Renchang Road, 12, Beijiao, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, China
电话图标0757-22666999 Find Your Way – Address & Map

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