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Dragon Boat Trojan Horse Embroidered Lamp

2019-11-27 00:10:35 From:文、图/广州日报全媒体记者曾毅 通讯员黄宁

The dragon boat-shaped hardwood horse is very popular with children.


Exquisite wide embroidery table lamp

Guangfu Cultural and Creative Products


        What is the "Hand Letter" of Shunde Tourism? In the past few years, maybe Lunjiao cake, boxed ginger milk, or Jinbang milk, etc. These Shunde specialty tourism products, which are familiar to travelers decades ago, have undergone a new transformation. The first Shunde Tourism Cultural and Creative Product Design Competition held in 2017 announced new products, from environmental protection bags to drinking glasses, from keychains to scarves, from bookmarks to cultural U disks ... They are full of Shunde flavors, all of which are innovative new works. Injected new vitality into the Shunde tourism market.

This year, Shunde has a new interpretation of cultural innovation. The reporter learned from the Shunde District Tourism Bureau and Beibei Town that Guangzhou and Foshan have cooperated together to design with the concept of “letting Guangfu culture integrate into life with a new look. Brand-new cultural and creative products met with tourists last week. The biggest feature of these cultural and creative products is "Guangfu Chuanxin". Pearl River Delta tourists know the cultural meaning of Guangfu represented by them at a glance. The product is addictive.

There is a "new interpretation" of Xiguan and Yuanlun Tea Cake

The reporter learned that this batch of cultural and creative products contains a variety of Guangfu cultural elements. Among them, the Beiyuan Heyuan, which is full of flavors in Guangfu, is one of the biggest sources of inspiration. Huang Haokang, the director of Heyuan's operation, told reporters that the new batch of Heyuan cultural and creative products not only focus on showing the culture of Guangfu, but also serve as a new Lingnan garden in Shunde Scenic area, Heyuan has continuously provided the public with a rich Cantonese cultural experience since the opening of the Cantonese, Cantonese Cultural Week on May 1st, Cantonese opera performances every Saturday, "Bahe Opera Gathering", Dragon Boat Festival activities, continuously updated folk collection exhibitions, In the summer, we will spare no effort to "promote Guangfu, display Guangfu, and inherit Guangfu".

Take the "Covered Roof Cover" umbrella cultural and creative product as an example. This product is inspired by the design of Heyuan's Guangfu building. It is named using pure Cantonese slang, which can make Guangzhou tourists feel kind and hopeful. "Everyone has a warm home and a tile covering his head."

Another children's building block inspired by Xiguan Qilou, intuitively transforms the various building components of the Qilou into building block stamps, including the "mountain flower, daughter wall, flower platform, carved window, colonnade space, aquarium railing, trip "Yimen" and other iconic elements, but when you play these building blocks with your children at home, you are actually learning about a unique Lingnan architecture class. Children can learn more about Lingnan's unique architecture culture through games and teach in entertainment. Similar products include the dragon boat-shaped Trojan. The dragon boat toy draws the core elements of the dragon boat shape and is designed as a assembled toy suitable for children's groups to play, deepening children's memories of the Dragon Boat Festival and traditional festivals.

Shunde culture is also part of Guangfu culture, and its representative Shunde cuisine also appeared in this cultural and creative product. The masterpiece is handmade soap made with Lunjiao cake. This "Hewei handmade soap" inherits the spirit of Shunde Lunjiao's whiteness, purity, and naturalness. Each soap is hand-refined, kneaded and cut into pieces. To be honest, such a beautiful "Lunjiao Bar Soap" really doesn't want it to disappear as it is used to wash your hands again and again. In addition, Watang pen bags, hilton embroidery lanterns, etc. are also excellent cultural and creative carriers of Guangfu culture. Among them, the embroidery lanterns are national embroidery products of intangible cultural heritage. The lamp lights up "tall branches", which has the meaning of illuminating life and full of welfare.

Cultural innovations of young chefs

Professional designers have helped Shunde's tourism cultural and creative products. Shunde's younger generation of chefs have also made achievements in this regard. The reporter learned that there are three young returnees from Shunde, who have joined the food industry in Shunde. While focusing on serving food, one of the young chefs, because of his learning experience as a designer, has also made the food store “cultural and creative” Features.

Their cultural and creative products are already well-known in the food circle. Among them, mobile phone stickers are "not sold but only sent". It can be said that the product is basically out of stock when it arrives later. In the stickers, the Cantonese words "wang" and "wang" are homonymous, and there are interesting phrases such as "victory in Wang", "single Wang", "wangcai hand", etc. . In the latest Wanggou doll, the whole body is slang in Cantonese and Shunde. One of the chefs told reporters in an interview: "Guests come to Shunde to taste delicious food, and they can also feel the special Shunde culture. This is our design. The original intention of the product. "

Shunde Cultural and Product Innovation Highlights

Now, the “creative”, “innovative” and “trend” of Shunde's cultural and creative product market is a big trend, and the young people's market is targeted, and there are constant bright products. Many experts have said that Shunde should seize this The boom has tapped the huge potential of Shunde culture and even Guangfu culture.

Mr. Chen Jianhua, Dean and Professor of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of Shunde Vocational and Technical College, and the Psychological Director of Shunde Culture and Art Development said, "My personal understanding of cultural creativity is the precipitation and connotation of traditional culture. As an industry, she has unique characteristics. The same is true for cultural creativity. The story behind the industry must have the beauty of culture and art in order to move people. "

Light up cultural factors with creativity

Let the cultural industry go global

Mu Xiangmin, deputy professor and director of the Scientific Research Department of the Party School of the Foshan Municipal Party Committee, said: "Shunde has many cultures with local characteristics. Many cultural highlights. As an industrial area, Shunde has many cultural factors worth igniting. Shunde organically combines industry and cultural creativity, and illuminates cultural factors with cultural creativity, so that our culture and industry can go to the world together. "